Steeping in silence.

I sit with adults 1-on-1 and in groups to begin or deepen a Mindfulness Meditation practice.
I sit with children and their parents to bring Mindfulness practices home to support family life.
I speak and teach and sit in Virginia and around the country.
I bring Mindful Classroom into public + private schools.      

I’ve been steeping in silence since 1996; clean and sober since 1991.  Daily, I practice meditation and yoga.  I’m a daughter, sister, friend, student, wife/spouse/partner, episcopal priest, and mother of 2-mindfulness-endurance-building boys.  I grew up in Vermont, spent my 20’s in Utah, and landed in Richmond, VA in 2008.

I’ve been sitting with and encouraging others in contemplative practices for 15 years, teaching Mindfulness Meditation in Richmond, VA for 6 years, and founded Sitting Practice, LLC in 2014. It is my pleasure to offer talks, lead groups, and practice Mindfulness Meditation with others in many places and spaces including at my meditation space on Monument Avenue in Richmond.

Mindfulness is awakening to the happiness of the uncomplicated moment
Sylvia Boorstein


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