Steeping in Silence.

I sit with adults to begin or deepen a Mindfulness Meditation practice
I sit with children, teenagers, and teachers through Mindful Classroom
I sit, speak, and teach in-person and online

I’ve been steeping in silence since 1996; clean and sober since 1991.  Daily, I practice Mindfulness Meditation and yoga.  I grew up in Vermont, spent my 20’s in Utah, most recently lived an extraordinary decade in Richmond, VA, and have just relocated to Greenville, SC with my husband, our 2-mindfulness-endurance-building boys, and the most loving and sweet yellow lab ever to be born.  

I’ve been sitting with and encouraging others in contemplative practices for 15 years, the last 7 years I've been teaching Mindfulness Meditation, and founded Sitting Practice, LLC in 2014. 

 - don't believe everything/anything you think - 


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