Trust the Process

Meditation means cultivating a non-judging attitude toward what comes up in the mind

-Jon Kabat-Zinn


trusting the process is hard.  on-the-cushion you learn to trust the process in this microcosm experience of your life.  on-the-cushion practice helps you trust the process of life off-the-cushion.  You suit-up and show-up, no matter what.  no matter if you’re eager or apathetic, rain or shine.  no matter if the mood is right or not or if you really do or really don’t think you have the time.  you show up, no matter what.   

a non-judging attitude comes from on-the-cushion practice.  judgement limits your perception of the experience.  the experience itself is wide open; the mind’s judgement of it limits you.  you have expectations and standards that need to be lived up to.  this goes on and you don’t even know it.  you are being pulled around by unconscious expectations.  expectations are resentments under construction.  mindfulness meditation practice on-the-cushion is where you learn to trust the process.  

sometimes sitting is easy; so trusting the process seems easy.  sometimes sitting is hard.  there’s resistance.  the thinking mind says, “this isn’t working for me.”  resistance is strong and emotion rises up and you think if you do something about it like think it through or change the situation or get up from practice this will make it better.  The truth is 99% of the time, when you’re acting from strong emotion, you’re reacting and stunting your own growth.  

trust the process– practice  

trust the process– practice right here

trust the process– this moment is your teacher  

trust the process– follow the breath


no mud


no lotus