Poem: The Fruits of Practice by Danna Faulds

Despite fervent pleas for ease and safety,
there are many days when reality
doesn't quite line up with what I'd choose.
Breakdown. Letting go.
Surrendering even the illusion of control.
Breathing into the unknown...
Practice hasn't brought an end to pain.
I still increase my suffering
like a fish caught on a line.
My struggles only draw the hook in deeper.
But being in reality is its own reward.
It's the perfect paradox;
the courage to stand and breathe
when everything in me wants to flee...
No, practice hasn't brought an end to pain
but it has honed my willingness
to experience the moment
and sometimes see perfection
unfolding in ways I wasn't big enough to plan,
much less predict.
Practice isn't... a means to pole-vault over suffering.
Practice is my way of looking life in the face
and saying yes... 

Poet and Kripalu yoga practitioner and teacher, Danna Faulds’ deep yoga practice palpably enhances her remarkable ability to express herself creatively + magnificently through poetry.

Go In and In: Poems from the Heart of Yoga by Danna Faulds