6 Things I've Learned on the Meditation Cushion

(1) Suit-Up and Show-Up
Anne Lamott says-
Almost everything will work again
if you unplug it

(2) Trust the Process
When you trust the process and learn to stay,
you take hold of life with
tenderness and kindness
taking a giant step forward for
HumanKind and HumanKindness

(3) I am not my Mind
You are not the habitual, compulsive,
emotional, reactive, egocentric voice
between your ears

(4) It all comes together
then It all falls apart
then it all comes together again (ad infinitum)

This is the normal, natural flow of life
on and off the cushion

(5) Hold Space
Letting there be space and breath
around the beautiful and the messy,
the hard and the grief,
is vital to living a mindful, happy, healthy life

(6) What you Practice Becomes Stronger
Contemplative Neuroscience shows
that through Mindfulness Meditation practice
you are using your mind
to change your brain
to change your mind

come back to the breath
follow the breath
stay with the breath